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My parents needed a faithful musician for the church and my mother prayed for God to bless her with a child for that reason. He answered and sent me to the earth; at the age of 5 I asked God to teach me how to play. Until this day I don’t know how to read music but have been graced with His ability to play supernaturally. I have imparted that same grace to others by "the laying on of hands" (1 Tim. 4:14) who would then have the ability to play without lessons.
Davidic Reformation is about my journey as a minstrel and God's purpose for them in the kingdom. It expresses the need for reformation of the Worship and Arts ministries and how it will help set the church on course through the Word and the sounds and frequencies of Heaven. 


Jacques Cook is the Founder of Above Only Music Group NFP Inc., and CEO of Record Label Davidic Project Records LLC. His goal is to use music and the Worship Arts as an avenue to enrich communities all over the world. Jacques has been too many countries releasing creative sounds that have impacted nations. He currently works with his wife, Carmita Cook, Founder of The Soaking Institute Inc. and CEO of Angel Wingxzz Films. Together they are working to pioneer a heavenly culture in the Arts and Entertainment industries.

Above Only Music Group NFP Inc. has donated instruments, money,  and resources to people around the world. For years they have labored in ministry doing outreach, feeding and clothing the poor, evangelism, free outdoor/indoor concerts, and so much more. They are currently undergoing some changes that will be beneficial to communities nationwide.



Please support our vision, any sizable donation can help us reach our goals. 


Please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel. I am currently creating extended videos for the purposes of prayer, worship, meditation, and stress relief.

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